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02 October, 2012

Out with the old…

It’s been a very long time since I last posted here. Why? A mixture of reasons, including apathy, ennui, and the general need to withdraw from writing about the paranormal, at least on a temporary basis. I’ve met many wonderful online friends and acquaintances through Strange Days, but I’ve also encountered the darker side of paranormal blogging. It is this darker side which made me think twice about continuing.



I don’t see taking time out as allowing myself to be intimidated by these darker elements – they simply became too tedious to deal with, and life is too short to spend it wading, waist-high, in a mire of bullshit. First of all, I grew tired of the crazies this blog attracted. I received many a rambling comment and email expounding one mad conspiracy theory or another, followed by the usual abuse and accusations when I refused to publish such crap, or allow myself to be converted to their way of thinking. I’m sorry, but I truly believe Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, and 9/11 was a terrorist attack. If that offends anyone, tough. And no, I’m not a neo-Nazi, and don’t work for MI5, the CIA, Mossad or any other covert government organisation, anywhere in the world. I’m just someone who sporadically writes a blog about something I’m interested in. That’s the boring truth. Accept it or kindly jog on.

Another type of correspondent I attracted was somewhat more sinister. I had several attempts, I suspect by the same person, to convince me I was suffering from a severe psychosis, due to my interest in the paranormal. This person claimed to be a doctor, who wanted to help me. Of course, to get this ‘help’, I was expected to correspond with this so-called medic and confide all my inner thoughts, and so forth. Sorry, sicko,  I’m a step ahead of your game. I know a creep when I smell one.  Big yawn.

I’ve decided to start maintaining this blog again, but have removed all posts which document experiences I had when I was much younger, which could be attributed to some kind of paranormal events. I say ‘could be’ because ultimately, there may well be a totally prosaic explanation for any or all of these events, which my limited knowledge of science fails to explain. I’ve removed them from Strange Days, as they were the posts which drew most attention from the nut-jobs and trolls. Like I said earlier, I can think of better ways to waste my time, than galumphing through a quagmire of bullshit.

To those who have come here with a genuine interest and an open mind – I thank you for your support. I won’t be posting daily, but will try to post at least a couple of times a week. Please bear in mind that Strange Days is aimed at an audience with a general interest in the paranormal, so there will be no in-depth scientific, psychological, sociological, etc, analyses of paranormal phenomena, as these are, quite frankly, beyond my ability,  but there will be an attempt to at least filter out bullshit. Here’s to reconnecting with old friends of Strange Days, and hopefully, making some new ones…


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