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27 August, 2008

Still working on it

I'm currently doing some more research on the UK's haunted pubs, as well as trying to find out more about the paranormal tales associated with ancient sites. The area in which I live has a very rich folklore, including tales of fairy-like entities, known as the Verry Volk. In fact, one account I've read of the Verry Volk, sounds a little like a modern-day cattle mutilation. I hope to have at least one new article online within the next 24 hours or so, hopefully more.

By the way, is there any subject you would like to see more of on Strange Days? Would you find an article on UFO sightings during medieval and earlier times interesting? How about some more cryptozoology articles? I know I've been a bit slack with articles lately, but it's been a very busy time.


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