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14 August, 2008

Is the USS Salem haunted?

Investigators believe the USS Salem, an ageing cruiser from the Cold War era, to be haunted. Many on board have heard deck hatches continually banging open and shut in the middle of the night, but initially believed the noises to be a result of the vessel's age. Then, people began to see a ghostly form appearing to operate machinery on the ship's bow.

Michael Condon, the ship’s executive director, dropped a tantalizing, if somewhat non-committal hint. “I’m just going to say this: While I have not seen anything, I certainly have heard things,” he said.

An investigative team from Mass Paranormal, based at Quincy, Massachusetts, intends to spend a night aboard the ship, to see if they can witness the phenomena for themselves. A previous recce of the ship, with recording equipment, detected the voice of a woman, repeatedly telling them to get out.

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