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11 August, 2008

Haunted TV Studio?

I've just come across an article about an allegedly haunted TV studio in South Texas. Several people working at the KIII TV-3 studios have heard unexplained noises and footsteps coming from the second floor of their building, very late at night. Although nothing has been seen, the noises have persisted for a number of years.

In October, the TV station invited some ghost-hunters from Corpus Christi Spook Central, to stake out the studio, to see if they could find anything. Apparently, EVP evidence was collected, with one voice saying 'help me'. I don't know how I'd react if I ever recorded something like that. I guess I'd be intrigued, but scared witless at the same time.

I have to admit - I find EVP evidence hard to accept at face value. Maybe it's because I've never experienced it for myself. But my concerns are simple. First of all, how can I be sure that an EVP recording hasn't been faked or tampered with? How do I know someone at the scene hasn't played a trick on the investigators? Also, as ghost hunters frequently use microphones that can pick up faint sounds at quite some distance, how can I be sure they didn't pick up voices from outside the building, or perhaps, from a neighbour's TV? Sorry to be such an old cynic, but I guess it's something I'd have to experience for myself, before I would be convinced.


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