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12 August, 2008

Haunted pub in Burnley?

Ghost hunters are due to investigate the 300-year-old Swan Inn, in Burnley, in north-west England. The pub is said to be Burnley’s ‘most haunted’ building, and one of the spookiest in the whole county of Lancashire. In its past, the pub served as a farm house, court room and a morgue.

The pub's landlord Craig Smith, said:

I don’t believe in ghosts and that kind of thing but I try to keep an open mind. I’ve never seen anything odd but I’ve heard strange noises. But I always put them down to the fact it’s an old building. A number of cleaners have seen they’ve seen someone going into the gent’s toilets but there’s never been anyone there. When the former landlord was here they had to get a priest to do an exorcism because they thought there was a ghost in here.

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