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14 August, 2008

Ghosts found in village pub

One of my favourite paranormal themes is that of haunted pubs and inns. In fact, I'm going to bring you a number of articles on the subject, over the coming weeks and months. I'll start off my series of articles by looking at a news story that recently broke, about a haunted pub in North Wales.

Sam Nikolic, landlady of The White Horse pub, in the village of Overton, close to Wrexham, became spooked by a number of anomalous occurrences at her hostelry. Amongst the happenings were footsteps made by unseen walkers, and rooms filling with smoke, for which no-one could see any cause. Also, various electrical appliances and beer pumps switched on and off, when no-one was near them. On other occasions, objects would simply disappear, without explanation. She called on the help of a Wrexham-based paranormal organisation, Spirit Quest UK. Their investigation turned up some very interesting facts.

Spirit Quest UK's director, Howard Hughes, is very pleased with the outcome of the investigation. He told the Evening Reader that:

During the investigation a barrel was seen moving by itself by a couple of people in the cellar and the name 'Tom' was picked up by one of the two mediums. The smoking room revealed its secrets.

The mediums picked up the name 'William' as the invisible occupant's name although he said through spirit communication using a glass that he was happy with the name John, a name given to him by the landlady who thinks of him as one of the family.
Sam told of how "there was a lot of strange knocking and the glass was going mad on the table."

The group identified the conference room as the focal point of the paranormal activity. According to Howard:
a medium who came in as a guest also sensed a death by fire which might tie in with the historical evidence that shows that a fire gutted the building in 1904...

...The spirits of four holy men were sensed and that ties in very nicely with rumours that a tunnel once led from the cellar to the nearby church ... (and) mediums picked up on the identities of a little girl named Emily and her dog who loved to sit beside an old fire place.
The group also detected the spirit of an enigmatic woman in white, a former servant at the inn, called Florence.

Source - Ghosts found in Overton pub, say paranormal team.


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