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23 June, 2008

Japanese astronomers hunt ET

According to a report from Reuters, in Tokyo, "Japan's biggest astronomical observatories are teaming up for an unprecedented quest to find out whether there is life in outer space". Astronomers from all over Japan, will focus on one particular star that they see as a potential home for extraterrestrial life. Reuters quotes Shinya Narusawa, chief researcher at the Nishi-Harima Astronomical Observatory as saying:

"Everyone wonders at least once in their lifetime whether space is infinite and whether aliens really do exist".

Narusawa went on to explain that Japanese researchers have been studying the heavens, looking for radio signals or laser emissions from extraterrestrial worlds. This broad sweep has produced no results so far, which is why Japanese researchers have decide to focus on a specific star. Narusawa also explained some of the pitfalls of looking for signals from space:

"When there are some suspicious signals, sometimes it's hard to tell whether they are artificial ones coming from the earth ... or whether they are coming from the stars in the natural world".

UFOs also hit the Japanese headlines last year, when a Japanese politician asked the government if it had any evidence to suggest aliens existed. He received a negative answer. Maybe Narusawa will have something more positive to report. Who knows?


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