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24 June, 2008

Cardiff UFO may have been 'glow lantern'.

According to an article on the BBC Wales new site, the UFO which attacked a police helicopter near Cardiff, may have been a glow lantern. What do you think?

Wedding couple sparked UFO alert

The article shows a photograph of one of the lanterns being set off at the wedding. It's possible, I guess. But it doesn't explain why a rectangular lantern was described as saucer-shaped, or why it was said to have travelled up towards the helicopter at speed. And surely, an experienced air support crew would recognise a lantern? If I was a fan of conspiracy theories, I'd now be thinking that the original UFO report may indeed have just been part of a disinformation campaign. But I don't do conspiracy. Not yet, anyway!


Anonymous,  26 June 2008 at 01:49  

Ummmm how come every UFO report in the UK lately gets explained away as paper lanterns...are they really THAT popular over there???? I was just going to send ya this news clipping :)

Anonymous,  26 June 2008 at 18:19  

It's ok - the 30 lanterns formed themselves into a disc and rose together...
Well - why not ?

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