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23 June, 2008

Another pilot sighting of a UFO

Following on from the Cardiff police helicopter UFO incident, it is interesting to note that there was a further pilot sighting of a UFO around 36 hours later, this time over Mexico City. A report on the Mexico City incident is available at Inexplicata. I find this report interesting, as the UFOs are described as ascending at high speed. The Cardiff UFO was also ascending at speed, when it almost knocked the police helicopter and its crew out of the sky.

After hearing about these recent incidents, I have to ask this. How long is the Ministry of Defence going to carry on its 'of no defence significance' charade? If almost killing a police air support crew is of no defence significance, what the heck is? What if one of these machines sped toward a civilian airliner in such a way? The jet would stand little, if any, chance, as an airliner is not as manoeuvrable as a helicopter. And even if a commercial jet could avoid a collision, the violence of such evasive action could cause serious injuries to those on board. Isn't it time to admit these objects are in our airspace, whatever they are? If we can't chase them away, pilots should at least be made aware of the danger these things pose.


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