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25 April, 2008

Paranormal vs. nuts and bolts UFOs - 2

In the first part of this article, I wrote about how impressed I am with Jacques Vallee's take on the UFO phenomenon. To recap briefly, Vallee dismisses the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) as an explanation for encounters with UFOs and their associated occupants. Although he wisely offers no categorical pronouncements on what UFOs are or aren't, he posits a paranormal source as their origin. Vallee's theory has ruffled the proverbial feathers of many a nuts and bolts ufologist. The more I read on the subject, the more I realise that both Vallee and the nuts and bolts brigade may have a valid basis to their claims. You may find this a little contradictory. But the more I learn, the more I find myself wondering if the truth about UFOs lies somewhere between the nuts and bolts and paranormal hypotheses. I've often thought: what if there are two separate phenomena responsible for UFO sightings, with one phenomenon mimicking the other, for some unknown reason?

For me, neither a nuts and bolts or paranormal hypothesis wholly explains the UFO phenomenon. Personal experiences suggest some kind of weird symbiosis between the corporeal and the non-corporeal, between real, physical objects, and intangible paranormal forces. Although I have seen strange objects in the sky, and experienced events of a seemingly paranormal nature, some of which I have not yet revealed, the UFO sightings and paranormal activities were generally not contiguous. The only occasion in my life where such contiguity seemingly occurred, is described here. (As a child, I encountered a couple of very odd individuals, after fleeing into woods to escape a weird black helicopter, which was behaving in an aggressive and confrontational manner).

I'm unhappy to accept a wholly paranormal explanation for credible UFO sightings, because many such sightings have been accompanied by tangible evidence of a solid, physical object. Several UFO sightings have been simultaneously confirmed visually and on radar. These sightings include an object that swept low over Kirtland AFB in New Mexico, on the 4th of November, 1957, a mysterious object chased over Tehran in September 1976, by the Iranian Air Force, and the famous Belgian Triangle, seen by thousands of witnesses during 1989-90. UFOs have left considerable landing traces, for example the Socorro UFO of April 24th, 1964, or the Delphos UFO. Some witnesses have even been seriously injured by UFOs, such as in the Cash-Landrum case. Maybe I'm approaching this issue with limited understanding or insight. But to me, an object that shows up on radar, burns witnesses and vegetation, or leeches all moisture from the ground it touches down on, is a solid object. Of course, this does not make it an extraterrestrial craft - just an unknown.

I'll be frank, and risk offending a few people in the process. I'm not convinced that aliens are coming to Earth in UFOs to abduct human beings. But I mean no disrespect to apparent abductees when I say that. Disregarding the numerous hoaxers and fantasists who lay claim to alien abduction, there are very many rational, credible and sane people who believe they have been abducted. For them, their experiences are all too real - and devastating. I suspect that their apparent abduction experiences lie fairly and squarely in the realm of the paranormal.

I've touched on this before, but I keep coming back to the thought that the thing we refer to as 'the paranormal', is some unknown force that human beings cannot, and may never, fully comprehend. It appears to manipulate us by inspiring and propagating myths, which act as control systems - fetters - on the human mind. This paranormal unknown also seems to take great delight in tricking and confusing human beings. For millennia, it has used religious beliefs to control us. As large swathes of humankind outgrow the old myths and become more secularized, it appears that this paranormal force has been compelled to adapt itself to our changing perceptions. Instead of sending us angels and demons, it is now tricking us into believing that we are being abducted by extra-terrestrials, some benevolent, but most, not so.

Although these random thoughts of mine are just conjecture, and are probably very simplistic and misguided, I can't help but wonder if the biggest UFO hoaxer of all, is whatever lies at the heart of what we term the paranormal. It seems that at least some UFOs are genuine nuts and bolts craft. Where from, who knows? Maybe it doesn't even matter to this paranormal force whether the objects seen are from Zeta Reticuli or the local neighbourhood military experimental facility. Perhaps it is more concerned with how we humans view them. The fact that some of us believe unquestioningly that UFOs are extraterrestrial craft, may be enough to bring the trickster element of the paranormal into play.

What better way to go about its mischief unhindered than by making its victims appear deranged, deluded or dishonest? Who is going to rush to the rescue of victim of a non-existent assailant? What better way to prevent its own identity from ever being revealed and understood, than to spawn a phenomenon that will be dismissed and derided by almost all except its hapless victims and a few believers? What fun this paranormal force might be having, watching investigators chasing their own tails and snapping at the air, as they squabble over the meagre evidence, thereby precluding the creation of cohesive research goals and methodologies.

What if this paranormal force has at its core a sinister and self-serving agenda, which favours self-preservation at any cost to us? Picture this hypothetical scenario. This thing we've named the paranormal, is not just a phenomenon of our world, but permeates throughout the whole Universe. It depends on fear created and perpetuated by obfuscation and ignorance, in order to survive. In other words, it's some kind of psychic parasite or vampire. It needs to keep sentient beings in a condition of intellectual limbo, where they know just enough to realise something lies at the edge of their perception, something that they cannot define or control. But this something is determined to try and prevent the Universe's sentient beings from evolving to an advanced perceptual level, whereby they will be able to identify and comprehend it. Perhaps this paranormal force knows that when it is exposed and understood, it loses its potency, and therefore, its hold, on the beings in its grasp.

At the moment, we humans have very little, if any, true understanding of paranormal phenomena, or the seemingly manipulative force behind them. Imagine for a moment that other, more intellectually evolved races, from other solar systems or galaxies, have already exposed the paranormal trickster for what it really is. These races would now be free of its control. This force wouldn't be very happy, would it? What if a tiny percentage of the UFOs seen zipping through our skies, or landing on our planet's surface, are craft from elsewhere? They needn't be manned craft, just probes sent to photograph our planet and maybe land and gather a few rock and soil samples. Less than 70 years after the invention of powered flight, we sent our first successful probe to Mars to gather data and transmit it to Earth for analysis. So is it so far-fetched to imagine that older, more technologically advanced species are also exploring the Universe?

How might a manipulative paranormal force feel about this? Perhaps it would think, 'oh no, the damned Grkls from Planet XYZ have found Earth with one of their probes - the same Grkls that kicked my ass off XYZ two million years ago. What if the Grkls come to Earth soon and befriend these stupid Earthlings - and tell them about me and how to kick my ass off Earth? What do I do now? Ah, I know. I'll fool the stupid ones into believing the Grkls' probes are actually manned spacecraft containing nasty grey beings. I'll further fool them into thinking they're being kidnapped, anally probed, impregnated, mutilated and violated in any number of ways by the Grkls. So, by the time the Grkls get here - the stupid Earthlings won't trust them and won't believe anything they say about me'.

Okay, I admit the above is a crazy-sounding hypothetical situation. But what if the unknown forces behind paranormal events really are fettering human intellectual development, in the name of self-preservation? All the confusion, fear, disbelief and discord caused by these bizarre phenomena would start to make a little sense. If they keep us running around in perpetual, internecine circles, we will never advance from point A to point B. Ufologists will constantly be debating a nuts and bolts vs. paranormal dichotomy, until they either reach a state of insurmountable stalemate (which they may, arguably, have already done), or give up their investigations altogether. Either situation would preserve the status quo and keep us ignorant, and controlled, in the hypothetical situation I've outlined.

As ever, please don't interpret this article as me saying "this is the reality of the situation". I would never be so arrogant as to suggest I hold any answers to the UFO enigma. All I know is what I have experienced - which told me exactly nothing about the origin, purpose or reality of the phenomenon. And all I can do is theorize and posit 'what-ifs' in my attempts to gather at least a little understanding of what I've experienced. I truly believe that no student of the UFO phenomenon can afford to ignore either the paranormal or the more corporeal aspects of the phenomenon - or is that phenomena? Nor can any student of the subject afford to assume that UFOs and so-called aliens are necessarily part of the same phenomenon. Equally, we need to accept that the ETH is not the be-all and end-all of ufology - just one option of many.

As a paranormal experiencer, I feel confident in saying just one thing. Whatever lies at the heart of all paranormal experiences, I believe its nature is that of the eternal - and often infernal - trickster. If the trickster comes knocking at your door, never trust what it presents to you at face value. You may not be able to prevent it crossing your threshold, but don't let it rule the house. When it comes to UFOs, keep your mind open to all possibilities, but as the old saying goes, not so open that your brain falls out.


Your Friend, G 3 May 2008 at 03:31  

Thanks for passing blog onto Nick Redfern. We will be back on lake over weekend if your are interested. Maybe tomorrow definitely Sunday.

Your Friend, G 3 May 2008 at 03:35  

Interesting post by the way. I agree with you in that ET theory doesn't work. Some kind of paranormal force with physical capabilities makes as much sense out of the weirdest ufo sightings as can be made. If talking of sense means anything in such cases.

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