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10 January, 2008

Strange Days lives!

My apologies for the lack of recent posts. Strange Days is still very much a going concern, but I've felt the need to take an extended break over the holiday season. Truth is, I sometimes find researching and writing the articles quite draining. As regular visitors will know, I've had a few peculiar experiences in my life. Some of them I've shared here, something which took quite a bit of nerve to do, as people who know me in the real world also read this blog, and most of them had no idea about these events. Oddly enough, they're all still talking to me! There have also been other strange events which I've not shared, and I don't know if I ever will.

With the paranormal, I'm pretty much like a moth drawn to a flame. It's the same way with a lot of experiencers. Although common sense tells me to stay away from the paranormal, to forget the things that happened, ascribe them to delusions, sleep paralysis or weather balloons, and lock them away forever, I find myself constantly compelled to keep researching. Whereas I suspect most people keep digging, in the hope of finding some affirmation that what they perceived was real, rather than some weird brain fart, I keep digging in the hope of proving my brain farted spectacularly and fogged up my perceptions of reality with its stink.

Sorry, vile analogy, I know, but don't blame me - blame my love-hate relationship with the paranormal. It seems to love me, whereas I often hate it, whatever "it" is, because I can't physically grab hold of it, stick it under a microscope and say, 'aha, that's what you are, you pesky bugger'. And yet there's part of me that loves the not-knowing aspect. In fact, if the world's leaders spoke out and said 'yes, aliens are here, UFOs are real, so is Bigfoot, and so are ghosts', I'd probably think, 'well eff me. That's taken all the fun out of it'.

Anyway, where was I before I took a detour via Venus (no sign of George Adamski)? Ah yes, I was explaining that I often find the researching and writing of paranormal articles quite draining. Depending on the subject, I also find it unsettling. The unease comes in when I read about individuals having similar experiences to my own. I acknowledge that just because someone has had a similar experience, it doesn't rule out misinterpretation, delusion, hallucination or other brain weirdness. But hearing that someone else has experienced similar things, in my mind, makes my experiences all the more real. That is the unsettling part. It's also the reason why I sometimes have to step away for a short while, and wait until the jitters settle. Does that make sense? Or do I sound like a fruit loop in some kind of freaky mental free-fall? Answers on a postcard ...

Anyway, that explains the absence. Please don't give up on this blog if it sometimes goes quiet for short periods. I'll be off somewhere, not too far away, planting my feet back firmly on the ground, and swapping brain-boiling esoterica for bland mundanity. Just think of me as a live wire who occasionally needs grounding to prevent overload. That said, I think I may be starting to spark again, so expect some new material very soon.


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