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20 January, 2008

Nullarbor Plains UFO - 20th anniversary

The Nullarbor Plains/Eyre Highway UFO incident happened twenty years ago today. In September 2007, Strange Days featured a three-part article, which focused on this case, arguably the most famous and compelling incident in Australian UFO history. In brief, the Knowles family drove across the Nullarbor in the early hours of January 20th, 1988. Sometime during the journey, they saw a brightly lit object, which they say picked up their car and carried it some distance, before dropping it back onto the highway. The car was examined afterwards, and shown to have suffered damage. Several other witnesses also saw an unusual airborne object in the locality around the same time. For more information, check out the September article:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

I wonder where the Knowles family are now? How will they mark this occasion? Perhaps they would prefer to forget it ever happened? Exactly what did happen? I guess no-one will ever truly know.


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