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30 November, 2007

Yeti prints found in Nepal?

An American TV crew hunting the Yeti in Nepal, announced today that it has discovered possible Yeti footprints. The nine-strong team from the Destination Truth TV show spent a week in the Khumbu region, which includes Mount Everest, and surveyed the area with infrared cameras. They located the prints on the bank of the Manju river, at an elevation of 2,850 metres (9,350 feet), on Wednesday. One of the three prints found is at least 12 inches long, and resembles previously discovered prints attributed to the Yeti."It is very, very similar," said archaeologist Josh Gates, the show's host. "I don't believe it to be a bear. It is something of a mystery for us".

Sherpa guides assisting climbers on Everest, have related accounts of large, hairy hominids seen in the Himalayas, since the 1920's. Several expeditions have been launched since then, but there have been no confirmed sightings of the creature itself, or any definite proof of its existence, despite many interesting prints having been discovered.

Josh Gates said casts of the print, left in sandy soil, will be sent to the United States for expert analysis. He also described the prints as being "relatively fresh, left some 24 hours before we found them. This print is so pristine, so good, that I am very intrigued by this". Gates hopes the discovery will lead to greater investigation of the Yeti phenomenon. Local Sherpas are divided about the Yeti's demeanour. Some insist it is a benevolent protector, while others believe it is a hostile and destructive creature.


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