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23 November, 2007

UFO or critter?

At the end of June 2006, I visited a local bay to take some photographs. I ended up capturing a little more than I bargained for. I saw nothing at the time, but discovered something a bit peculiar-looking on one of the images when I uploaded them to my PC. What's that flying thing, about a third of the way down the pic, on the right hand side, just over the ocean?

I've cropped this from the original large image.

Is it a bug? A bird? Something else? I'd be grateful if anyone out there could offer me any suggestions. I know it's more than likely an everyday creature that has somehow been distorted by the camera lens, even if it does resemble a pterosaur.


Nick 24 November 2007 at 20:01  

I really think your blog is great...well written, presented and executed...

I am sorry to hear that someone has highjacked it! But it's happened to me before so I completley know how you feel...

If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to put your page link on my Strange Corridor page because we cover the same sort of material, and I'm sure my friends would enjoy your page as well..

I certainly hope you can get rid of that other moron who has stolen your page!

Good luck and keep blogging,


Siani 24 November 2007 at 20:16  

Many thanks for your kind words, Nick - I truly appreciate them. You're welcome to link to Strange Days - I'll add your blog to my links, too. As for the moron who hijacked my blog - may their home be invaded by a hundred angry bigfoot!

I just don't understand why people do such things. I only discovered their fraud by chance, but it's backfired on them, as I'm making everyone aware that their silly page has nothing to do with this blog.

Dragonstar 25 November 2007 at 14:57  

Could it be a helicopter with the rotors frozen by the shutter speed?

Siani 25 November 2007 at 18:09  

The strange thing about this pic, Dragonstar, is that I saw or heard nothing unusual at the time I was there. Some people have suggested it's a bird or insect, and I sometimes wonder if it's a seed of some kind that floated past the lens, as I took the pic.

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