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06 November, 2007

Supernatural or super-silly?

When it comes to accounts of alleged supernatural phenomena, I like to keep an open mind. I've had too many strange but unverifiable experiences of my own to start getting dismissive of what others allege. However, I do make exceptions to this general principle, usually when presented with photographic evidence which claims to prove the existence of an anomaly, when the photograph clearly depicts something very earthly and explicable.

There are two such stories in the paranormal news at the moment, and each time I see one of these stories rehashed, I get quite irked. The first is the so-called Jacobs creature. As far as I'm concerned, the site has proven, without doubt, that the so-called baby sasquatch is just a skinny, mangy runt of a bear. Ever since the Jacobs images burst onto the scene about three weeks ago, controversy has raged about what the images show. Within days, most experts were agreed that the creature was just a bear. Yet, every day, I find more blogs and sites announcing the discovery of a real, live bigfoot in Pennsylvania. It's a goddamn bear, end of!

The second story really cheesing me off at the moment, is the guy photographed with a so-called demon looking over his shoulder. I've taken the liberty of infringing someone's copyright, by posting the image here. I wouldn't normally, but it's already appeared on dozens of blogs and web pages. You can read the background to this image here.

I was amazed at how familiar the demon peering over the guy's shoulder seemed. Then I realized why. I know him. Here he is. His name's Barney - my friend's dog. Okay, he's not quite the same color, but he has the same demonic, glowing eyes, and similar canine features.

I'm sorry to be a party pooper, but the so-called demon in the first pic is just a mutt, with its eyes strangely illuminated by a camera flash. Or am I missing something? These two stories are just two more examples of people seeing what they want to see, even though the real answer is staring them in the face. I would love the Jacobs creature to be a bigfoot, and I wish that demon wasn't someone's pooch, but my eyes and brain are in perfect agreement as far as these two creatures are concerned.


Dustin 10 November 2007 at 21:59  

Keep yelling about cases like these! It's really ridiculous, but people see those stories and they then justify denying all paranormal activity in the world. It's cases like these that the Randis of the world live off of...

Siani 11 November 2007 at 03:04  

I could happily slap people who start and/or perpetuate such silly stories, I really could. It's like the silly chupacabras stories doing the rounds at the moment. Despite the Cuero creature being shown beyond all doubt to be a mangy coyote, another so-called chupacabras has been spotted. This second creature is so obviously a dog. Why can people not recognize a dog when they see one? Grr!

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