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13 November, 2007

Phylis Canion disputes DNA results

Phylis Canion, who discovered the now infamous Cuero 'chupacabras', has issued a rebuttal to the findings of the laboratory who DNA-tested her find. She insists the results do NOT prove the dead beast was a coyote. Oh boy.

So what do we have here? A government cover-up? A conspiracy to defraud the public about the beast's true nature? Or a stubborn, blinkered woman who sees only what she wants to see, and cannot accept defeat gracefully? Check out her website to see what she says on the matter.

Call me cynical if you wish, but it's interesting to note that Ms. Canion has set up somewhat of a cottage industry based on her 'chupacabras' discovery. Take a look at the merchandise being hyped on her home page. She even has an online shop. I'd say it was very much in this lady's financial interests to keep the Cuero chupacabras myth alive. Wouldn't you?


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