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26 November, 2007

Can you help?

I don't make a habit of going off-topic on this blog, but can I please ask you to check out this post on one of my other blogs?

Help save cats from certain death

I tend to find that paranormal enthusiasts are almost always animal lovers, which is why I've posted this here. Hundreds of cats will face a horrible death in London (yes, I did say London, not South-East Asia), unless urgent action is taken. Thanks for reading. I'll be back soon with an on-topic post, I promise.


Tawnya Shields 27 November 2007 at 00:38  

You may find help at
It is an online community dealing with many issues such as animals, the environment, etc. I have been a member for about 7 years now. IT is free to join.

There you can create a petition and once word gets out, many will sign. I just am not sure if you have enough time. I hope you can find a solution for the kitties. :o(

Best wishes.

LesleyinNM 27 November 2007 at 02:31  

What a horrible thing! I signed the petition. I hope people can stop this from happening.

Siani 27 November 2007 at 22:04  

Thanks for signing, Lesley - I truly appreciate it. Thanks, Titania - an animal charity has already started a petition at - I've linked to the petition on my other site.

Anonymous,  28 November 2007 at 02:14  

You've been tagged! *smiles*


Siani 29 November 2007 at 13:54  

Thanks for the tag, Sparky. I'm not really into astrology, but I'll give it a go. I'll post it over at one of my other blogs, Siani's Pot-Pourri - it's where I do my memes, tags, etc.

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