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12 November, 2007

Argentinian cops see craft and humanoids

An amazing account of police encounters with a strange, lighted object, and small, greenish humanoids, emerged from Argentina very recently. I would have reported it sooner, but the first English language reports to appear online were obviously translated (very roughly!) from Spanish using translation software, so I had great difficulty deciphering exactly what happened. Now, thanks to Scott Corrales at Inexplicata, a comprehensive English language report is availabe here.

I won't rehash the full details here, but two police officers reported seeing a UFO with humanoids emerging from it, and two policemen at a separate, but nearby location saw just the UFO. Many local people also reported seeing strange lights and objects in the region at the same time.

It's cases like this one that really make me think. Policemen would not risk their reputations - or their jobs - by making up a story like this. Also, it is highly unlikely that they would be easily fooled by atmospheric conditions, hoaxers, weather balloons or any of the other common excuses touted by the authorities, to explain away such anomalies. And let's not forget all the additional witnessed who confirmed the strange lights and other related events.

I find it interesting that the entities were described as greenish. Early UFO reports often described green-skinned humanoids, spawning the now infamous 'little green men' jibes directed at witnesses to such phenomena. But in recent decades, most people alleging alien contact have described grey, yellowish or brownish entities. What, if anything, does this signify? Can these entities change colour at whim? Are there several species or races being seen? If we have ethnic diversity and different skin colours here on Earth, why shouldn't alien societies have similar variations?

Although I try not to reach too many conclusions about this whole phenomenon, sometimes it's hard not to. My personal feeling? These things aren't extraterrestrial visitors at all. They're the same entities that have manifested before human eyes since time began. Depending on factors known to them alone, sometimes they're fairies, elves or pixies, other times they're ETs of varying colours. Or ghosts, or poltergeists, or phantom vehicles. Who or what they are seems to vary according to the cultural milieu of a particular era, location, society, etc. Of course, this is pure conjecture on my part, inspired by far greater minds than my own, e.g. Jacques Vallee, for whom I have enormous respect.

Whatever the source of these strange phenomena - don't trust the little buggers! Anything that tricky is up to no good, in my eyes. Am I paranoid or pragmatic? You decide...


Dragonstar 13 November 2007 at 18:49  

I agree Siani. I read everything I could on the subject - many years ago - and found Jacques Vallee's argument to be most persuasive. One day I must replace his book, lost now for a long time.

Siani 14 November 2007 at 02:06  

I've read a couple of Jacques Vallee's books - Dimensions and Passport to Magonia. He now appears to have stepped away from all things ufological, which is a shame, but I guess he has his reasons. When I was much, much younger, I was a big fan of Erich von Daniken's books - then I developed a brain, LOL. We need many, many more Jacques Vallees in this world.

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