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27 October, 2007

The depressing state of ufology

Is it just my imagination, or is the world of ufology in a rather depressing state? I stepped away from the subject for many years, because I'd quite frankly grown tired - not of the subject matter, but of the bitching, bickering and in-fighting within ufology. I also despaired at the shocking lack of willingness, often by high-ranking researchers, to even consider any hypothesis regarding the UFO enigma, other than their own pet theories. To make matters even worse, serious research into the subject was hampered by liars, hoaxers, the deluded and the outright crazy. I rekindled my interest in the subject recently, and guess what? Very little, if anything, has changed.

The constant bickering and back-biting between ufologists must be hindering serious research into the subject. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of very capable and credible UFO researchers in the world. But so few of them co-operate in studying this complex and baffling enigma. It's not possible for one researcher, or a small group of researchers, to uncover every piece of this mystery. It may prove impossible, no matter how many people investigate the enigma, to find every piece of the puzzle. But surely, if researchers were more willing to share their findings with one another, and less prone to belittling anything that doesn't fit in with their own beliefs, we may get a clearer idea of what this UFO business is all about?

I have to keep an open mind on the subject. I have neither the resources nor the health to be anything other than an armchair researcher at the moment. So I'm simply not in the position to pooh-pooh someone else's primary research. The only time I'll decry something, is if it is obviously a load of bull's poop, e.g. the Billy Meier nonsense. Surely, it's time all ufologists, from the professionals, to part-time amateurs such as myself, took a more open-minded attitude to this subject? I despair of the die-hard sceptics who attribute all UFO experiences to lies, misperceptions, delusions, pranks, madness, sleep paralysis, weather balloons, etc. I'm equally frustrated by ufologists who stick rigidly to the extra-terrestrial hypothesis (ETH) and reject any alternative origins for UFOs and their alleged occupants.

Am I being just as bad as the myopics and the back-biters, for writing this post? I hope ufology sorts itself out, I really do. Whatever the true nature of the UFO enigma, whether they're extra-terrestrial, interdimensional, paranormal or purely fictional, we need to understand more about them. So why waste valuable research time fighting?


Anonymous,  18 March 2017 at 17:39  

Too true!

Here we are ten years on, and if anything it has got worse. I struggle to find anything credible these days. Fake photos and videos without end and serious research seems to have imploded.

If - and it is a huge if - this is all a conspiracy, the conspirators have done a truly excellent job.

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