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28 October, 2007

Alien interrupts UK news broadcast

This has to be one of my favourite alien contact stories. In November 1977, someone hijacked a television transmitter in the south of England, and managed to drown out the ITV news with a message of their own. The new voice claimed to be an alien. Here's his message.

Surprisingly, there are many people who believe this to be a genuine alien broadcast. No-one has ever owned up to the prank, and it is believed that some pretty sophisticated work went into perpetrating it. I doubt the culprit will own up - the television company said it intended dealing very harshly with them, as many people who heard the broadcast were terrified.


Tawnya Shields 28 October 2007 at 23:24  

This sure kept me mesmerized. Those tones at the end had a hypnotic affect. If a hoax it sure was good! I have been hearing channelers out there receiving similar info that we as a species are going to be given the opportunity to evolve. Not all will ascend.

I really enjoy the content of your blog. I enjoy learning about the paranormal and fringe subjects that most people shy away from. But we are growing in numbers.

I myself have had many experiences of the paranormal since I was a small child. From precognitive dreams to seeing ghosts and quite a few UFO's. No I am not a nutter. I have turned many a skeptic when they spend a bit of time with me.

I have many things to share with you that I am sure would be of interest.

As of this year I have started to see triple digits everywhere. Mostly 111, 333, and 555. I see the others but not as frequently. Also, I am getting stronger as an empath and reading what others are going to say before they say it. My husband tells me I am not from this planet. He was once one of those skeptics. :o)

Anyway, thought I would stop by to give you kudos to an awesome blog. I wish there were more hours in the day.

Keep up the great work.

Siani 30 October 2007 at 13:14  

Many thanks for your support, Titania. I'd love to hear of your experiences. If you'd like to tell me any of them, leave them here in comments, but if you don't want them published - be sure to say, and I won't publish the comment.

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