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09 October, 2007

Alien abduction taped?

The following video is taken from CCTV footage, which allegedly shows an employee being abducted from his work place by aliens. It's an interesting video, as the man appears to vanish in a blinding flash of light. He then returns a couple of hours later, in another flash of light. He reappears lying on the ground. He vomits, before getting up and staggering around in a disorientated state.

All this video truly appears to show is a man walking off camera, at the same time as a bright flash occurs. If someone wanted to fake a scene like that, it would be easy enough to achieve. Setting off a firework or flare would create a brilliant flash. All the man then has to do, is step into a dark area, where the camera lens can't penetrate. Most people's eyes would be automatically drawn to the flash of light. Watch it closely - he really does seem to just step off camera.

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